Carn't Get The Right Keywords

Hi all i have a question hopefully someone can help. I have worked endlessly on my website and i come first on the organic search results for the ares i want to cover i don’t know if i am type the wrong search term or is it simply people just don’t want what I’m offering but i don’t know how to check if people are searching for what i have to offer. <snip/>

If i enter what i think people would type into google for what i have to offer maybe different to what they actually want i just do not know.if i was to type into google “PA hire York” I come first or “mobile Disco hire York” I also come first these are the two thing i like doing most out of all we offer but we never seem to get any hits can anybody help? Where am i going wrong ?

It’s possible the key phrases you are ranking for do not get a lot of search volume. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to see how much search volume different keywords are getting. You can also check your raw stats with your web host to see how many visitors you are getting and for what key phrases.

[FONT=verdana]Keep in mind too that the results that you are seeing in Google is not what other people are seeing. More and more, nowadays, search results are personalised. It’s likely that two different people won’t see the same results for a given query, even if they are sitting in the same room.

That’s why a tool like Google Webmaster Tools is so valuable. It gives you the average of what everyone is seeing - and can be filtered for a specific country, if that’s appopriate.


Definitely use the Google Keyword Tool to check out the keyword volume. Also make sure that you set the search type to exact. A common mistake people make when using this tool is to put in a multi-keyword phrase and see a huge volume for it, when the reality is much lower. As an example, if you run a search on GKT for “funny gifts for men” you’ll get back 4,400 broad match searches versus 1,000 exact searches - that’s a huge disparity.