Career opportunities for a Web Designer and Developer

I am a new comer to this amazing platform. Hello to everyone from my end :smile:

I am a regular 9-6 bread earner and I live in India.

I have got much interested in web designing and developing and this really drives me crazy… Would like to hear your suggestion on all possible career options for a Web Designer and Developer for now and future :smile:

Thanking you in advance for your valuable time and suggestion

Hello Arjun, this is Shreya. I am one of the co-partner in running a wordpress site. If you ask for career opportunity, then patience is the key and content is the driver for online success.

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For web designer portfolio is more important than degree and its job is to work on look and feel of website by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming language.

Web developer works on user interface & programming languages such as PHP, .NET, Ruby, Python, Java and coding experienced is mandatory.

Both professions are important and without designing and developing, there is no use of internet. I am sharing from my experience as a production designer. I have done BA (hons) in Graphic Design from De Montfort University, UK.

Hi Shreya, Thank you so much for your suggestion

Thank you so much for your suggestion

Hi, I’m new here and I hope, I would be able to help and share something about your career. My daughter is also a graphic artist and she knew about web designing. According to her, there are a lot of open opportunities in the internet nowadays. I’m sure you possess a very good design skills and you have a creative mind. You may apply in different industries including internet service providers, internet consulting firms, design studios and specialized web design companies. You may also decide to do a free-lance work at the moment that’s what my daughter is doing right now. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have a nice career with it. Good luck!

I think you should opt for Creative Director, Front End Developer or may be Web Designer etc. Good Luck!

hello, now a days webdesign is leading proffesion.and its good startup to earn .first do a plan about your project…build your reputation …it help to get more web design projects…if you want detail advice…reply me…i will help you…to get success…All the best

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