Career of a web developer?

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I would like to discuss very important topic that i think is, what is the career of a web developer? Is it safe to spend all time on Web or not?

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Every field has its scope.Web development is a good option to work with.It helps you to think critically and design new things.It pays you more than you think if you are doing your work passionately.

Can you clarify this question please, @jobriyaa. Are you asking if it’s safe for your health to spend all day at a computer? Or are you asking about job security? Or did you have something else in mind?

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Regardless really, the answer is ‘no’. The subtleties of the answer will vary.

What is the career of a web developer? A full time job in which you spend your time writing code for the web.


What would be the job role of a web developer or what requirements will be needed to become one?

I am a web developer. It is a good job to work. It is tension free and pays a lot. I started my web developing a career with a salary of 20k and currently earn 40k. It is good to work as an aweb developer

It depends on the specifics of the job description. Plain HTML, without server-side (such as PHP) or client-side (such as JavaScript) scripting is nothing more than a word-processing language. CMS adds very much to the UI capabilities of HTML and takes more time to learn but does not make the developer much more valuable. If you want to make money then you need to learn programming such as PHP and JavaScript.

You will need to learn about databases, including SQL. SQL consists of many types of statements, mainly (see SQL - Wikipedia) a Data Query Language (DQL), a Data Definition Language (DDL), a Data Control Language (DCL) and a Data Manipulation Language (DML). Most people think of SQL as the DML and the DML is the original SQL but the DDL and related features are important too. Things like associations (connecting tables to other tables) can make a person’s head spin; they are often difficult to conceptualize.

If you want a career in a large organization then you will need to understand system design methodology. There are hundreds, probably thousands of system design methodologies but the basic concept is that you need to know how to document what a system needs to do and then design how to do it. The Unified Modeling Language - Wikipedia is an example of software that support system design.

Something else that large organizations use is Git for management of source code. GitHub is a very popular way to use Git.

For large companies you should expect to begin as a maintenance programmer, someone that modifies and fixes software developed by others. Expect to begin doing boring work. You also need to be able to communicate with users.

You should investigate the needs of employers. What jobs are most in demand (in your area)? That can guide you in the direction you should go.


I am asking in the sense of Job, for career.

And have the responses you’ve received answered your question?

It’s totally based on the interest and passion of the person, it is not based on what other person thinks. every field has its importance and value. right now most of world top company and billionaires belong to IT industry so in my opinion if you are interested in coding and all of that stuff so its good for you. if you want something else from your life so this career is not worth it.