Capturing Camera video and sending to rtmp server

Is there a simple way - or simple example - of how one might capture an end user’s webcam or phone camera video and send that video to another RTMP server?

I have a situation where I’m dealing with folks that really don’t have a lot of technical prowess. I mean that in the nicest way possible, but it just is what it is.

What I’d like to do is just setup a webpage (I have access to web servers and other servers where I have root access), where these people (2 people - although I’d probably just setup two pages and have each page output to different RTMP servers) can simply visit the webpage, click Start, and it would capture the video as they speak into the camera on their phone and then I can get the video from the RTMP server.

I already have the RTMP server setup.

Is there a way to just capture the video perhaps with javascript and send that data out to an RTMP server? Or send it to some other video processing system - something FFMPEG listens on - and send that on to the RTMP server.

I work better if I’m able to see simple examples and then extrapolate from that to what I actually need.

A self-hosted video collaboration suite might work, so long as I can save a copy of each individual’s camera video.

If there another forum that might be a better venue to ask these questions, let me know.

I wish each individual could just record a video with their phone and send it to me - but the videos are likely to be 30 minutes to an hour long, and I just don’t think the technical prowess is there to accomplish this.

Does it have to be RTMP? Browsers (mainly Google and Firefox) in recent years have been migrating to WebRTC and you can find a ton of examples and working demos at the following address…

One of the demos shows stream capturing as well as one of the demos provides a working web solution where you join a chat room, it uses your camera and you can begin streaming.

You can also find a nice article that covers the basics of how WebRTC works and is quickly becoming a real standard due to being supported by some of the biggest companies.

I hope this is enough to get you started. :slight_smile:

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