Can't watch online videos

I am new here so if this is not the right place for my question, please let me know. I just switched to Win Vista from Wind XP. Everything is working pretty well except the online videos. Whenever I try to watch any online videos, I no longer have the option to view it, my only option is to download and save to my computer. I want to watch the video online without saving it. I know there are some settings somewhere, but I can’t figure out. BTW my desktop computer is only 5 months old, I got it from through <snip> </snip> discount deal. Flash Player is already installed on my computer.

Any help will be appreciated

It depends upon how you have your computer and browser setup and what type of online videos they are. I assume you are meaning Flash videos and that you have updated to the latest Flash Player (plugins) available for that platform, i.e. Windows XP.

Are you using Firefox, Internet Explorer or some other browser?

Typically you have to set associations or actions with files if the browser doesn’t do it natively and sometimes it can be security setting stopping playback.