Can't use block editor in a site


A week ago, I’ve noticed that the block editor has automatically changed to the code viewer, and I can’t switch back to the block editor. When I try to enable the block editor, this is what happens:

My site is hosted from What’s worse is that the WordPress official forums is useless, because I didn’t get any response from anyone when I posted there.

When I tried to find solutions to the problem, Google shows me old articles that are unhelpful and don’t have to do anything with my current problem.

How can I enable block editor?

Is there a chance that the theme you are using disabling visual editor? Or any conflict plugin? First you can try to use a default theme. Then de-active plugins.


As for the theme, I’m using “Twenty Twenty-Two” as a theme. There is no chance that it could have disabled the block editor, because I could write blog posts with the block editor until a week ago. This issue randomly happened and I didn’t change themes.

As for the plugins, I can’t install them because my site is on a free plan, so I have no plugins installed.

The weird thing is that I can use the block editor when editing the theme. Just not blog posts.

Profile Settings: As the highlighted option suggests, the Visual Editor might be disabled in your profile settings. To check this:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Users and then Your Profile.
  • Look for the Visual Editor checkbox. If there’s an option that says “Disable the visual editor when writing”, ensure it’s unchecked.
  • Save changes if necessary and try editing a post again.

Thanks! When I click on Users, I only see the following options:

  • All Users
  • Add New
  • Subscribers
  • My Profile
  • Personal Settings

I can’t see Your Profile and when I click on My Profile, it takes me to a screen that only has “Profile” and “Profile Links.” When I go to “Account Settings,” I can’t see Disable the visual editor when writing.

You must be logged in as an admin, @eoflaoevicecity


I’m already an administrator in my blog site and I’m logged in as an administrator. I managed to find a page similar to the picture, but I can’t see “Disable the visual editor”. I can’t upload the picture right now because my Internet connection is unstable right now.

However, I’ve discovered a strange discovery, because the visual editor works on Chrome Android, but not on Opera Android.


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