Cant seem to make AJAX to get response from the server

Hey guys,
I am building an app to manage and maintain dogs at a dog shelter. I am new to JSONP, and it seems that i am doing something totally wrong, does anyone have any idea what it is?

here is the code:

$( document ).ready( function(){
   var did=$('#inputDoggy').val();
         $('#resultBox').html("Searching "+did+"...");
               //call jsonp request
               getDog( did);
         $('#resultBox').html("Sorry, the string is too short!");

  function onDeviceReady() 
      //on phonegap tools loading
  function getDog(dogId)
     //get AJAX 
      url: '',
      type: 'GET',
      datatype: 'jsonp',
      data: {
               q: dogId,
     success: function( response )
       window.alert("Data returned form the server: "+response);//print the response as it is, for now
     console.log( response ); // server response     

Hi Alex,

I tried opening your server URL with a callback parameter like this:

and the response I get is:

girl this is a php responsecallback(girl this is a php response)

callback(["This is a response from the server!"])

thanks fretburner!
i was debugging my code with firebug today, and it turns out i had an error in a code just above the $.ajax call, i was using a cordova phonegap function, yet i forgot to add the plugin it belongs to.

at any rate thank you a lot for trying to help me.

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