Cant install mysql connector 6.6.5

Hello Guys,
I had to unistall and now reinstall mysql connector 6.6.5 on windows 2008 server

However for a couple of weeks of pure headache, I cant seem to reinstall it again.

  1. In the event viewer, it said.

Detection of product ‘{1AAD0C51-CE9E-4ECD-BB2D-6981472569B1}’, feature ‘Core.Feature’ failed during request for component ‘{34B6C828-355D-405F-82BC-F18BBC13871D}’

  1. So I searched the registry and noticed I found the first Unique ID in 3 places, but notably under

… >> Windows Uninstal >> {1AAD0C51-CE9E-4ECD-BB2D-6981472569B1}

With values Display name MYsql connector 6.6.5 ( And loads other values )

Do I delete the registry entries ? I hope it would not affect my server, as Its important I get the mysql connector up and running

Or is there a registry clean up for this ?

many thanks