Can't Input Text With IE6


Could someone have a look at this page with IE6 and see if they can input text into the search box in the top navigation bar.

I’m trying through vmware and it doesn’t seem to be working.

If it’s not working does anyone have any idea why?

Ummm, which page?! :shifty:

ooops. this one:

Seems to work ok in Sun virtualBox, though it’s a bit twitchy - the cursor is blinking all wonky when you type. I’d half suspect some sort of javascript on the page is interfering, though it could also be a depth sorting issue.

I’d suggest the old standby’s for when IE decides to be pain in the ass. Try throwing haslayout (zoom:1; good for testing) and maybe position:relative at .mini-search (NOT the input, but it’s parent) and seeing if that makes a difference. It could just be as simple as #nav depth sorting over the input. They’re floated next to each-other so it SHOULDN’T be an issue, but we’re talking IE here.

Works OK for me, although there is a bit of flickering, as DS60 said above.

Works fine for me too and I didn’t see any flicker but the page content took a while to position itself.