Can't group on error

Greetings! I’m trying to get the top library users, when the user borrowed and returned a book 10 times or more, s/he belongs to the top library users. Here is my sql commant.

SELECT  sb.stud_Id, COUNT(sb.stud_Id) >=10 AS total
FROM    tbl_studentbook AS sb
LEFT JOIN tbl_student AS s ON = sb.stud_Id
        SELECT   stud_Id
        FROM    tbl_studentbook
        WHERE   sbook_Borrow != '0000-00-00' AND sbook_Return != '0000-00-00'
GROUP BY total

My problem is I can’t group it by total , error says that ‘cant group on total’ …
My purpose upon grouping it is that it will show only the id that pass the total value of 10.

Any help? thank you.

select stud_Id
  from tbl_studentbook
 where sbook_Return <> '0000-00-00'
 group by stud_id
having count(*) > 10

Thak you very much for the quick response sir. I works now.