Can't get text to echo

I have a perplexing issue. I have a form which is calling a string from mysql that is not working. The perplexing part is I have a duplicate set of code on the same page that works.

This works:

<th>Current Logo:</th>
            <td><input "text" class="WAATKTextField" name="app_logo" id="app_logo" value="<?php echo $row_WAATKlawfirm['app_logo'] ; ?>" size="32" /></td>

This does not:

<th>Appraiser's Picture:</th>
            <td><input type="text" class="WAATKTextField" name="app_image" id="app_image" value="<?php echo $row_WAATKattorney['app_image']; ?>" size="32" /></td>

Same DB table, names are correct. The information is in the table, it is not being called to screen. Anyone see what I am missing?


In seeing the code on the board, I see the problem…

Thank you anyway.


(This: $row_WAATKattorney, was supposed to be this $row_WAATKlawfirm)