Cant get rid off white space right of address :-(

Good morning from the floods have gone York UK :smile:

On page I just cant get rid of the whitespace to the right of the address illustrated below.

Any insights welcome,

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#header has width of 49%.

Right now, #contact has the same width, 49%.


Change those widths to 50%, or change #contact to 51% and the space disappears.

I find it easy to temporarily put outlines (not borders) around boxes to see how much of the layout they are occupying. It’s not foolproof, but usually helpful. In this case, it works a treat.

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lol IF you can get used to seeing something like this

But seriously, you don’t have to use eye-blinding neon colors and it does work a treat. I use it often.

Yep! If color-starved and need a wake-up blast, that’ll do it

Guess I was thinking a bit more conservatively.

Thank you @ronpat & @Mittineague your fix worked & thank you for the outline tip :smile:

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outlines? there is css for outlines?
Why wasn’t I told this???

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