Can't get menu to stop appearing on mobile version of site

I just did a one page website for a client. I used a template and customised it…but the attached js file keeps calling the menu on the mobile version of the site…

Is there any way I can edit that js file so that on the mobile version of the site, the mobile menu doesn’t show…? Any ideas anyone…

The website is
and the code is at Code Pen:


You’ll stand a better chance of getting a response if you can post a minimal code sample which demonstrates the problem you are having. I’m not sure how many people are going to want to download a zip file.

Just so you know, you can post code here:
open up the editor > paste the code > highlight the code > and hit the </> buttonto mark it as code.

A second option is to use a service like JSFiddle or CodePen. CodePen has the advantage that you can embed your pen right here in the forum (just by pasting its url)

It’s also fine to post a link to a site that demonstrates the problem.


Changed it Pullo.

Good stuff.
So we’re talking about the menu at the top of the page, right?
Am I correct in understanding that you want it to disappear when the viewport width is below a certain value?

Yup, mobile view, between 366 and 566px…

I’ve referenced it in the css as: @media screen and (min-width: 366px) and (max-width: 566px)

Thing is though, the menu changes for mobile to a dropdown menu and I think the js file is what handles the switch.

This works for me:

@media screen and (max-width: 566px) {
    display: none;
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Boom! Thanks Pullo! :slight_smile: Happy camper <-----

You’re welcome

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