Can't Get Google Custom Search Engine To Do Anything

Went Here

and here

put the code generated in and nothing shows at all, let alone a working search box.

Can’t figure out why.



Neither can we without being able to see your code. Can you post a link to your site?

Remove the Bs.


Thank you for posting the solution that you found.

Looks good to me.

I haven’t upgraded from FF25, due to a lot of lost features - like the stop-downloading X button. I guess FF25 doesn’t understand googles code. I see it works in IE8.



Hmmmmm, that would have been worth mentioning in the problem description along with the relevent code or a link to the site.

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Unfortunately old versions of modern browsers like Firefox and Chrome are not continually supported because they are on the automatic update channel and 99% of users will have the latest version. It is not recommended to stick with older versions because they are usually updated to cover security flaws or give support for more modern features like css3 etc.

Sometimes though you may lose a feature you like but I would still not recommend sticking with an old version especially when you want to test your site to see what others are seeing.

Thanks Paul. Are there any other search engines to try?

Why do you want to try any others? It’s working fine in Firefox and Chrome.

I doubt anyone in the world has Firefox version 25 apart from you (seeing as we are up to version 39 now).:slight_smile:

You can still Cancel downloads - well, if you get to them before they finish.

Tools → Downloads

The one I missed was the enable JavaScript toggle, need a plugin for that now.

I shoulg have written “loading”. Last time I tried a new FF, you couldn’t even stop a site/page you don’t want to see, like many misleading Yahoo headflines.

Are you talking about the ESC key for stopping things from loading, gifs from animating, etc?

I’ve been using 39 for about 10 days or so. it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, but it still sucks. The stop loading button on the address bar is tiny and therefore time consuming and there\s no add on for it to place on a tool bar (like to the left of the address bar), and you can’t add another tool bar, at least not one on the bottom accross from the find function. I read that it’s a spitting image of chrome.

Maybe an aside: Some or many of these design decisions are made, not to mimic another browser, but because the standards of behavior have changed for whatever reason… security, performance, ???

I don’t keep up with the rationales, but did pick up on this while chasing a “bug” in an earler version of FF that turned out to be an intentional change across all browsers.

I found new add ons to make it whole again
MoveableReload29 For the stop/reload button
New Tab Toolbar Button 1.1.1

One nice thing about 39 is that you can open a brow3ser without having to go to a webpage - good for viewing images


sad that we have to restore browser functionality via plugins/extensions >: ( it’s the reason I stopped using Firefox for anything but testing. They took away all my things (because users love change!), and adding them back in with plugins slowed it down (and then they tell you, when you’re looking up how to fix the slowness, to “reduce your number of plugins”, yeah).

What you might want to do in the future is keep the old, working browser but in another profile have the latest version for testing and whatnot. For the longest time I had a firefox 3.5 and a nightly running at the same time.

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