Can't draw image to canvas unless I use setInterval?

hey guys I’m following a tutorial on YouTube on how to make a snake game with javascript. I copied his code and commented it out. Now I’m reconstructing it piece by piece to see how it works, but not step by step.

For instance once i created the global variables i wanted to draw the background image to the canvas just to look at it

ctx.drawImage(ground, 0, 0); 

this by itself doesn’t work. Watching him do it in the video he creates a draw function, puts that code in it, then outside the function sets the same function to run at an interval of 100ms.

 function draw() { 
ctx.drawImage(ground, 0, 0); 
let game = setInterval(draw, 100); 

Now it works?? what’s happening?
here’s his github

Please show us your non-working reconstruction so that we can properly investigate and explain the issue.

the commented code below my JS is the guy’s I’m copying

heres the tutorial

The issue is that the ground image is not available.

that’s cause i don’t know how or even know if you can upload images to js fiddle. but it’s in my img folder on my machine

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