Can't connect to mysql server

Hello all,
I am using xampp(yes I am a newbie):slight_smile: And Notebook++ as a coder.Trouble is when try and establish contact with the server on local host It keeps defaulting to Localhost/xampp opening page.

I have tried using the simple method of mysql_connect and the more complicated method of using variables,but I dont think it’s a problem with the code.Up until now I have stored all of my files in xwampp hdocs document,then to run it in the browser just pointer local host and the file name.
but is this different in some way when it comes to opening a database,should I be pointing at sql files somewhere.
Any help appreciated.


I am using xampp and Notebook++.

I do as well and there is no problem with that!

I am not sure what your problem is:
You can view the database using phpmyadmin via http://localhost/phpmyadmin
If you code a webpage and have the connection to the database etc as normal you should just be able to visit the page in the browser as you said and it should connect.

I assume you have started MySQL with the XAMPP control panel?

What page are you modifying/trying to access, and what URL are you putting into your browser?