Can't connect to MySQL server on '123.456.789.2' (4);Errno.: 2003

Dear all,

I’m having trouble to connect my site to the MYSQL server. The condition is like this:

My site is running under 5 http servers and all are serve using a mysql server. Recently, I have changed the ip address of all the servers due to the ip migration at the datacenter. After the changes, all my http server having problem to connect to mysql server. It shows the error like below:

Error: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘123.456.789.2’ (4)
Errno.: 2003

However, I tried to establish a connection by placing the http file into mysql server. Only this site can be shown up correctly. Means, there’s actually no problem with the Mysql Server.

Can I know what’s the problem actually? I guess there might be some setting of the mysql server blocking the connection from my other servers. Where do we normally do the setting for this? I’m quite new in server stuff and wish to get some advice from you all…

Thank you!

The error you’re receiving is a client-side error because the MySQL server cannot be reached.

The most likely candidate, in my opinion, is that your web servers cannot communicate with the domain on which the MySQL server resides. It could be DNS related too, but I really don’t know.

Can you ping the MySQL server from any of your web servers? That’s a good place to start.

This page might also provide you with some help.

Thanks for your reply Aes, I’ll check on it :slight_smile: