Can't change textarea to input, otherwise the virtual keyboard is not working

Hi guys, i’ve been trying to customizing this virtual keyboard but have no clue what is wrong.

If i change
<textarea id=“write” type=“password” rows=“1” cols=“30”></textarea>
<input id=“write” type=“password”/> the virtual keyboard isn’t working.

Could anyone please help me how to solve this? Thanks in advanced.

Please check this out

Hi there,

This is the line responsible for updating the output:

$write.html($write.html() + character);

When $write references a <textarea> element, everything works as expected, however when you change the <textarea> element to in <input> element, the script fails, as an <input> element doesn’t have a .html() method.

Change the above line to this and things will work as expected:

$write.val($write.val() + character);

Hope that helps.

Hi Pullo, thanks for your help. It works.

As you said that “an <input> element doesn’t have a .html() method”, do you know where can i find the best reference of this?
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi there,

A good place to look is the jQuery API documentation.

In this particular case, looking at the docs for [.html()]( might be a good place to start.

ok thanks, might need a longer time to get the whole picture… :slight_smile: