Can't change div height

I have a problem with the “in this section slider” at the bottom of not showing the text links fully.

The slider should be displaying as it is on

would be grateful if someone can point me in the right direction

Your HTML doesn’t seem to match from example to example. Also, your code for that section is invalid. Please validate the code before we move on. Just looking at firebug, I see the code is invalid + the code nesting doesn’t match each other.

Not sure how the first page can be working. You’re trying to show a 150px height image + text in a 70px height container with overflow:hidden on them. Shouldn’t work in either case…

The image is cropped off in the “working example” but the text is actually OUTSIDE of that 70px parent so the text shows. The broken example has the text INSIDE of htat 70px div.

Unfortunately this is work I outsourced and all the code is totally malformed I shall not be using those guys again!

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