Can't apply html & css in making basic pages

i have read a book on html & CSS by JON DUCKETT and i know basics of html & css but when I try to apply those I am failing I try to copy site layout and I cant copy it .I can’t get reference to pixels length and I need help and want to get some helpful references and resources which will help me in applying the concepts of html and css.

Is there a specific page or project you have tried and are having difficulty with?
Perhaps if you were to show us what you have done so far and explain what you want it to do, we could offer some assistance.

There is a lot of reference material out there, some better than others, but it is such a broad topic that questions about a specific page or layout will attract more relevant answers.


I have some basic knowledge on html+css, for practising I try to copy some site layout as to make a page similar to that one, but I can’t just position elements and I have issues with font-sizes.I cant make proper use of div element.
I want to know that if photoshop is necessary part of web designing as I have no knowledge of it.

It sounds as if you might need to work through another book or a couple of tutorials to get a thorough grasp of the basics. A good place to start would be here:

The short answer is no, it’s not. You need to be able to optimise images for the Web, but any number of desktop or web apps will do that. You certainly don’t need to design in Photoshop.


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