Canonical text block?

Hi guys,

On our website we have a page for each item that we sell which has a description and spec of the item. There are alternative pages that are for the same item, but include a free-gift, so the page is similar, but different. The only part that is actually the same is the description and specs parts of the page.

We need each of the individual pages to be crawled, but could really do with pointing out to the various spiders that this particular part of the page is a duplicate and can be ignored. Is there a way to do this? Like, can we specify that a particular div contains duplicate info and point it back to the page with the correct info like the canonical link tag in the head?

Thanks all

It’s also used to describe the company that releases Ubuntu, but that’s fairly useless information too so I didn’t mention it

Haha, cheers :slight_smile:

that’s okay, nobody heard you


Since utkarshseo has deleted his post I’ll quote him from my email notification so I don’t look like I’m completely talking to myself :smiley: