Canonical Tag


Is canonical tag important for every seo friendly site ? I have 2-3 website and I already put canonical tag in one of them. Should i put in others two also ? Please share something for Canonical tag.


If you have duplicate pages then you should have canonical tag attached to a page… It’ll tell the search engine crawlers to consider multiple page that has duplicate contents as one… It’s more OR like same as 301 redirect but it won’t really redirect the page.

Thanks for quick reply. I don’t have duplicate content but I saw somewhere that if you have more content than 500 or 800 words so we must add canonical tag. Is that true ?

I completely agree with you. If any website have multiple web pages on a same domain that mean this website have canonical issues then you can resolve this problems through 301 redirection on .htaccess file.

[font=verdana]It doesn’t have to be deliberate duplicate content – it could be that your server is set up to accept multiple routes to the same page (which most of them are). For example, if asking for

No mate, this is really not necessary to split the page if you’ve more content.