Canonical Link?

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What is Canonical Link, what is the uses of it and how it useful in seo ?


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Canonical tags are very important in search engine optimization, Canonical tag inform Google spider that this is the duplicate content and the following URL has the original content. If you have two similar pages on your website then use canonical tag to avoid Google penalty.

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A canonical link is useful when you have multiple URLs for a page. It tells search engines that it is a single page, and gives the preferred URL for them to use. There may be slight differences in the pages given by each URL but the content should be substantially the same

For example, you might have a page at
that can also be accessed via

If those are all going to resolve to the same page (or at least, the same content page - the navigation, menus and sidebars is likely to be slightly different in each version), you don’t want Google indexing each of the three separately. So in the head of each, you include <link rel=“canonical” href=“”>, and then Google will treat any references to the other URLs as alternative routes to this one page.