Canonical Errors

What are canonical errors and how do they effect our website???

A canonical URL issue is a very common error that websites have which usually results in the under performance of a website. Canonical URL’s are basically different URL’s which point to the exact same page on a website. Normally, these URL’s occur due to an innocent mistake by the developers / designers who created your site.

Easy to fix with htaccess though

Canonical tag is used if you have 2 same pages having duplicate content in one website then we use this tag on the preferred web page. for example if you have one page where all the products are defined in alphabetically order with names and on other page the same product is defined with name and their description with price details.

Canonical issues mean is that your site properly handle www versus non-www URLs. As a quick test, type into the browser. Be sure to leave off the www. Does the URL redirect to the www version? If not, you are susceptible to a canonical issue. (Unless you choose to display your site without the www, in which case, the site should redirect the www to the non-www version)
This is a problem and we should remove it from the site otherwise site will not ranking.

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