Cannot save a page as in dreamweaver


hi, i have a simple site, nothing complex, php files in dreamweaver.cs5

the site seems to have always been ok, no problems.

yesterday I created a sub directory called /xyz

so my page would show up like this

while I can save as a php page ok, when i save as to the new directory the page is a mess, no formatting and other stuff

its something to do with that sub directory and saving there. But what is it?


You’re going to need to give us a liiiitle bit more information to help solve your problem.

How are you applying your ‘formatting’? CSS file? If so, have you changed the references to said CSS file in your code to correctly point to the file’s new location?


In addition to what @m_hutley stated, load that new page in a browser and “View Source” the page. Look at all src and href attributes to make sure that they are pointing to where they should be pointing. I suspect that they won’t.


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ok, here is the page

could it be something to do with the wordpress parts??


First thing I noticed is that you have some CSS that is not between <style> and </style> tags.

Either you or Wordpress is loading fontawesome from two sources, cloudflare and boostrap CDNs.

You have the word ‘here’ arbitrarily placed (checking position, maybe?).

Scrolling to the bottom of the page, I see many things out of place, and a few things doubled up (Micro$oft logo, etc.)

You are loading a LOT of scripts and css files, which makes me wonder if you really NEED all of them?


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You also have the <head> tag after the first <meta> tag.


Where are the Wordpress parts? I don’t see any WP.

  • Choose File→ Save .
  • Click the Site Root button in the Save As dialog box that appears to quickly navigate to the root folder for your Dreamweaver Site.
  • Enter a filename in the Save As field. Leave the filename extension at the default .html, and click the Save button.

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i appreciate your effort but that didnt work, and secondly I am using dw cs5 not the latest which this post refers to.


Is there a reason why you need to use such an old version? Outdated software is likely to cause as many problems as it solves.

As far as I’m aware, CS5 doesn’t support HTML5, so it’s no wonder you’ve run into problems trying to add an HTML5 bootstrap footer, as discussed in your other thread.


You still don’t appear to have validated your code and corrected the errors.


Are you writing your code using the editor and testing in a browser (if yes, which browser are you using) or page-view (whatever it’s called), the Dreamweaver built-in thing that renders your code?


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