Cannot find a link to course notes for course "Build a SAAS App with Flask""

New to Sitepoint. Looks like a good course. The Lesson 4, step 2 video refers to a link for a blog post. The rest of the page outside the video window contains only links to other lectures.


I couldn’t find a link in the notes either, but I believe the blog post you are looking for can be found here:

Hey that’s great, but the other lectures are going to have notes to read as well. I should have you give me links to those?

My membership does not include downloads? WTF? Even if I upgraded to yearly,I have no reason to think tIhis problem would go away.

I tried contacting thru the site, no reply.

I really did not expect sitepoint to present this level of dysfunction.

Sorry about that. I’ll pass your issue on to someone at HQ and see what can be done.

Sorry for the confusion. :frowning:

You’ll find all of the additional course materials attached to Lesson 3, Step 3, which is titled “Downloading the Course’s Materials”.

As far as your membership not including downloads, that only applies to downloading ebooks and course videos. It does not apply to downloading example code or other essential resources that go with a book or course, so you will be able to download those.


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