Can you review my SEO shop?

Hello Sitepoint community!
I almost finished my SEO shop website and I want honest opinions from you. The website is
The main idea is to sell good services (not spammy/asian outsourced ones) at reasonable prices and I don’t want to sell website traffic or facebook or Youtube views because everybody know that they are not natural.
The 2nd focus of the website will be to make it as a SEO community and to help my fellow members with good SEO tutorials, news and articles.
What do you think?


Sorry, but it doesn’t create a particularly good impression on me. The use of Homer Simpson makes it hard to take the site seriously as a source of reliable information - but maybe I’m being influenced by the fact that I’m not a Simpson’s fan.

Even more worrying are the number of packages offering blog commenting and forum posting as a way to gain backlinks. You say you are not offering Spammy services, but that is exactly what these look like. Forum and blog owners want genuine contributions, not people using their sites purely for self-promotion, and those kinds of posts are likely to look very Spammy to the site owners. They also fall foul of Google’s guidelines on link schemes.

So at this point, I’m afraid I would not only want to steer clear of your services, but I would also be very wary of the reliability of any SEO advice offered on the site.

Sorry to be so negative, but you did ask for opinions.

Nor I.

It says “Buy SEO” but what it should say is “Buy links”

The very definition of SPAM

even the meta tags are more SPAM than SEO

<meta name="description" itemprop="description" content="Home Of SEO - A new concept of a SEO platform where you can learn and buy only the best proven SEO." />

<meta name="keywords" itemprop="keywords" content="seo shop, learn seo, buy quality backlinks, buy seo services, seo marketplace, seo online shop, buy high pr backlinks, homeofseo, buy seo" />

After viewing the site, it’s products and services, My initial impression was that the site’s owner doesn’t know what “search engine optimization” means. I can’t imagine anyone utilizing the site except for those that are looking for the very services that you state are known not to be natural.


I spend a lot of time on SEO myself, and this site still needs a lot of work. I’m sorry to say this but, this site could easily get someone blacklisted. I also agree with @Mittineague and @TechnoBear about the site not creating a good impression. For example: the use of a good SEO site would be:, google seo and many more available sources. Not trying to be negative, just something to keep in mind before you sell this people, especially beginners.


The site is not finished/launched yet. And the term Buy SEO is used based on the keyword research. I wanted to rank for that specifically keywords. Anyway, thank you a lot for your feedback, I will take in consideration all of yours opinions.

I think @Mittineague meant that there is a lot to SEO, but you seem to be concentrating just on backlinks.

I realise English isn’t your native language, so I would also advise you to ask a native speaker to proof-read the site before it goes live. The English is understandable, but reads a little oddly in places, and I noticed a few typos.

But I would strongly urge you to do more research into current acceptable SEO practices before you start accepting paying customers, as you seem to be working on old techniques which sooner or later will lead to problems.

For example, your FAQs state:

What about Google penalties, buying this is safe?

This is one of our biggest strengths. Our style of work will follow any time, all the guidelines and factors that are directly involve penalties. We tend to provide relevancy, good research and analytical decisions. This combined with a qualittive content strategy will never be penalized.

But some of your “services” are openly advertising selling/buying links which will pass PageRank, a practice specifically listed by Google as risking a penalty, as you can see in the link I posted above.

The following are examples of link schemes which can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results:

Buying or selling links that pass PageRank.
This includes exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links; exchanging goods or services for links; or sending someone a “free” product in exchange for them writing about it and including a link

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Hi seobob, Please never ever use submission softwares as they can really do more harm than any good for your website.Everyone wants to be on the top…
Have you thought about what is so unique and special in your website that searh engines will rank you on the top than other websites…? Anyhow Thanks for the info, I’ll take a look. I don’t want to do it myself and don’t mind paying for the SEO Services.

Currently it has no effect in seo dujgn even I tried to remove it completely in his webite . Because it will make your website in question is spam. You too !

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