Can you remove this extra div?

I coded the site super lean like I like to do. But I can’t figure out how to remove this extra div needed in the footer.

Here is a pic of the footer area

Currently it’s coded like so…


So the outer div expands 100% and holds the repeating pattern and the top white shadow. The height of the footer needs to be able to grow if needed. And the inner div simply centers the content at 960px in width.

I know I can put the image on the body or as a pseudo but I can’t think of how to make it adjust with the footer height so the pattern image adjusts too? So I would like to get rid of the inner div and just do it all with one???


Actually I think I was over complicating it for myself. I think display inline block and center the inner content. That should work. Duh! lol I am so rusty.

That should work as long as the three inline-blocks have widths or they will keep on stretching

<div class="fut">
       <div class="fc">footer content article</div>
       <div class="fc">footer content article</div>
       <div class="fc">footer content article</div>
       <ul class='futnav'>...</ul>

 .fut, . futnav { text-align:center; }
 .futnav li, .fc { display:inline-block; vertical-align:top; }
/* optional, or  you could set .fc width  as Paul suggested */
 .fc { max-width:33%;  }

hope that helps

Uhmm… the inline block is not playing quite the way I want it. Aka it’s grid does not coenside with the grid above because it’s text align center. What about something like just the one foot div with a fixed width and centered. And then somehow use pseudo on the body or the foot and AP and have it repeat the two images but somehow magically follow the height of the div? And start at the top of the foot div? Pipe dream?

The inline block nodes are quite anoying too. I know how to remove them but it makes the code needlessly difficult. And I’m sure some browser would puke. Not worth it to me just to remove a div.

Divitis is a problem indeed, akin to getting too fat … But in trying to avoid this disease, beware of contracting Divanorexia, which is an equally serious problem. :slight_smile:

Lol I do have div anorexia

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