Can you Give the time to the client about these matters.?Help me

Hi dear friends, i have a news websites .client says tell me the time, in how many days you will decrease the alexa rank 5 lacs to 2 lacs, and tell me the time of increasing the page rank in numbers and also tell me the time. i do not know how to make him understand that it is not possible to give the time for these things. so then am i right or wrong please tell me my friends, i waiting for your reply please.

in SEO, You can not give the exact time duration for results. always tell them approximate time. But ensure them everymonth they can see the progress of Decreasing Alexa rank. Since, google has been stopped updating page rank, There is no option for it increasing.

You can’t really estimate anything in SEO and it would be wrong to give them a precise timeline.

Most SEO services are offered on monthly basis. Your client must evaluate your work on monthly basis to see if he wants to give you more time or not.

Try to explain to him by illustrating the core concepts of SEO and internet marketing.

Agreed. For over 6+ months no PR update has taken place. I personally think, there will be no more PR update. So you should better present this fact to your client about PR update.

PR is not predictable … so simply provide the url where Matt Cutts disclosed that PR is not updating this year. This will also prove that this is not in your hand.

Alexa from 5 lacs to 2 Lacs is quite easy, may be will take 2 - 3 months … take 1 month extra.