Can you folks point me to an article or tutorial for the movable body effect?

such as in this site
when you hover over the tumblr button at the top right, the content slides over.
in looking at the code i see two body tags, first one is fixed. second one w/class=“waiting” is not give a position. that seems to be under the wrapper. that is relative
i frame for the buttons are relative, the buttons absolutes.
The wrapper slides over.
Anyone can point me to a tutorial on how to do this?

That is jQuery. Something like that is what Javascript is for :). Looking at their source code, it’s hard to tell how to replicate it, although if you look at jQuery documentation, this seems like a .animate() function. Perhaps scroll through jQuerys website for articles and demos of this coming into effect.

Yes i saw the jquery as well. I did try to google some info but not quite sure what to call the effect. so got lots of hits about sliders.


I have a simple example here (click the toggle nav link) that shows how to slide the page over without JS for modern browsers. Just view the source in the codepen as it should be self explanatory but shout if you need more advice.

Thank you Paul will go check it out.