Can we use phonegap to make a website?

Hi Pals,

I am working in a project and my leads are asking me to make a mobile app as well as a website for a particular organization. So I was thinking to use Phonegap framework which is new for me to work on.
So my question is “Can I use Phonegap to create mobile as well as website since it supports different OS, considering that I don’t require to use native features of Mobile OS such as camera or dialing no. option. My main motive is to fetch the details from Database and then need to display it on UI using the web services.”
Please suggest me if I can use Phonegap for my requirements.

Your requirements are a little bit murky, I’m not sure I follow.

Phonegap, to the best of my limited knowledge, is a way to use web tech to make what is basically a packaged native app. The only real pro to that is that it can be distributed as an app in an app store, and that it can interact with the device - which you say you don’t need.

The negatives of Phonegap are that it’s somewhat more likely to be slow.

Why do you want to use Phonegap to start with, and not just make a mobile version of your site, or better yet, a responsive design? Do your leads require that it be a “native” app for certain phone platforms?

I would say, look backwards.

A PhoneGap / Cordova app is basically a self-contained, packaged website. So if you create a website first then add in some mobile specific features if needed and package it into a mobile app with Cordova.

Database calls are not platform specific, depending on the service.

Hi Chris,

I got late in replying you back but I have approached the way that you have mentioned above i.e. making a website first then I’ll go for the Mobile App using the website code. I have already started the work in this direction…Thanks!!

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