Can we use 2 adsense account ads on one site?

I have 2 adsense account one in my name and other in my sister name. can i use both adsense account ads on a single site. if so what is the procedure to do it. i mean do i need to contact google for this. Please let me know is it against google adsense terms and condition or what.

Yep, even on the page if you want.

Hi mickmel how to tell adsense about this ?. Is it not against T&C

Yes you can use 2 adsence in 1 website. You can put ads in different pages.

Use Blogengine or WPMU platforms, You can then use it for different blogs or domains under one user

I donot think you are allowed to have 2 adsense account ads on one site
it’s against TOS. most likely both account will be cancelled
beside what’s the point of having 2 accounts on the same page?

I think you can ads from more than one AdSense account on the same page - that is how many of the revenue sharing content farms work.

But you can’t have two AdSense accounts yourself as far as I know - and I can’t really see any reason you would want to either.

oh my god i am confused…Few are telling i can use it and few are not. Is anybody using 2 adsense account in a same site. please let me knw. Both the account are not in my name one in my name and other in my sister name with different address.

you can use 2 even more accounts on the same website. it is confirm that you can use on the seperate subdomain but on the same page i am still searching about this if i would found this i must tell you about this. but i have seen hubpages using multiple account on the same page, but i am still confused.

yes you can but better if you run both ad in different pages not in a same page.