Can u help how to do the outside border and. 2 insides borders top and bottom

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Can you supply the code that you have tried.

I am only guessing but think the the CSS should be:

#double-border { border: double 6px #f00;}

HHey thank you for ur help:)
Ok now i now how to do the double border
But when i do this doble border i have to make a top border and a bottom border for the menu , just like the photo.
I have done this code

<style type="text/css">{
border: double black;
border-width: 5px;
border-height: 5px;
text-align: center;



<p class="one">  <img src="default.jpg"alt="THE ANALOG SPECIALIST" width="200" height="100" > 
<a href="home.html"> HOME </a> 
 <a href="home.html ">FORSALE </a>
 <a href="home.html ">REPAIRS </a> 
 <a href="home.html ">ABOUT </a>
 <a href="home.html "> CONTACT </a> 
 <img src="default.jpg"alt= "Fender Rhodes, Hohner Clavinet,and Wurlitzerlitzer EP200" width="500" height="20" 
 <p class="one"> We  specialize  in the sales and repair of classic keyboards,inparticular the Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzerlitzer EP200, and Hohner 
                                         claviner </p>

I would use this code for the menu bar borders.

border-top: 2px solid #000;
border-bottom: 1px solid #000;

In addition to them the other margin and padding you need for the menu items.

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Thank you😌

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