Can TinyMCE be integrated into some project that I sell

I have a platform and I’ve added TinyMCE as web text editor. I read on websites and everywhere it says that it’s open-source and, I can also see a github repo.
Can I sell my project using the TinyMCE editor?

The LGPL licenses pretty much lets you do whatever you want, so long as you include the tinymce license agreement, include a link to the tinymce source code or include the tinymce source code itself, distribute any modifications you make to the source code (if you make any), and in your copyright notice, include who tinymce belongs to.

Note that I’m not a lawyer, but the general consensus is that this usually more than satisfies the requiremnts for including LGPL code in your project (free or otherwise).

I have the tiniMCE folder unchanged, with license and all stuff.
Thank you!