Can somebody help me to design one webpagina

hello my name is bleri
i start new course to learn webdesign.
so my teacher he ask me to make one webpagina
but i am not sure how to select color , margina, where to put text center down up, my logo
i know html and css, but i have still no idea
i look to best webdesign in google
but i dont know where to start!

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What do you want to put on your web page? What do you want it to say?

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Hi there blerimkernja,

and a warm welcome to these forums. :biggrin:

This link could possibly help…

How to make a web page


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i wil like to put like two letters of my dochter, ED
and i want to select i read from book THE PRINCIPLES OF
cool colors,
and menu
about home contact
i dont know , what do you think?

thanks :wink:
i go now to this site

Visit Mozilla Developer where you’ll find many tutorials also for complete beginners:

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We are not your teacher. What we think is irrelevant.

You have had contact with the teacher, so you are in the best position to estimate what is required.



do exist formula , rules for position logo, typhography, image header, footer, sidebaar?
of you can just put where you want logo, of font-size, letter-spacing, line-height, footer 100px 200px etc

thnx man…

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