Can some one please chec this SQL statement for any errors

When I run my script give an error at this mysql statement I checked and rechecked to see if something is wrong but I don’t think any way need a new set of eyes to see if something is wrong.

    $updModel = "UPDATE modeldetails SET name='".$rName."'
					, nicName='".$nicName."'
					, age='".$age."'
					, bust='".$bust."'
					, size='".$size."'
					, height='".$height."'
					, hair='".$hair."'
					, eyes ='".$eyes."'
					, natio='".$nAtio."'
					, descrip ='".$dEscrip."'
					, stdService ='".$stdService."'
					, otService ='".$othService."'
					, img1 ='".$img1."'
					, Img2 ='".$img2."'
					, Img3 ='".$img3."'
					, Img4 ='".$img4."' WHERE mId=".$mId;

reformatted - Mittineague

It seems rather complicated the way you have written it but I looks like you are missing a " ’ at the end before the ; or it could be a ." ’

So what error are you actually receiving? We can check the query syntax for errors (of which I can’t see any), but for things like invalid attribute/relation names, that’ll be in the error message.

I’d also suggest you to use interpolation (since you’re using double quotes anyway) instead of concatenation for a more legible query. The following using the heredoc method:

$updModel = <<<modelQuery
UPDATE modeldetails
SET name = '{$rName}'
  , nicName = '{$nicName}'
  , age = '{$age}'
  , bust = '{$bust}'
  , size = '{$size}'
  , height = '{$height}'
  , hair = '{$hair}'
  , eyes = '{$eyes}'
  , natio = '{$nAtio}'
  , descrip = '{$dEscrip}'
  , stdService = '{$stdService}'
  , otService = '{$othService}'
  , img1 = '{$img1}'
  , Img2 = '{$img2}'
  , Img3 = '{$img3}'
  , Img4 = '{$img4}'
WHERE mId = {$mId}

Are you sure all DB field names are as written,e.g. img1, Img2… upper and lower case?
All variables are written as defined, with upper and lower case letters?

Why do you have the SQL and data jumbled together? You should put them in separate statements so as to ensure that SQL injection is not possible.

My money would be on capitalization as Drummin says. You’ve got img1, but then Img2, Img3, and Img4…

(“~One of these things is not like the others…~”)

Yes I made that mistake when I created the DB

Found the error guys it was the variable which I assigned the id it’s not mId I changed it and forgot change it in the query.

Thank you for the support guys.