Can posting free press releases add growth to my business?

I have started my eCommerce website recently. But I am not getting visitors to my website. One of my friends suggests me to post a press release about my products. What do you think about it?

What have you got to lose?

As the previous guy said - what have you got to lose - But ask yourself first are you trying to get visitors or get higher in SEO rankings. If you just want visitors press releases are great depending where they are placed and visibility but also look at a facebook page, share the link to your website, add friends and groups, Update your posts regularly, maybe start a blog. FB also have an inexpensive paid promotion service that can get your link in front of thousands of people overnight, sharing to groups can give massive visibility but your wording will determine if anybody actually clicks on it. Be aware some ‘press release / editorial’ have ‘no follow’ links so your site link will not be crawled by search engines. Also making multiple identical releases with the same content and link can affect your SEO ratings in a negative way.

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Are your products genuinely newsworthy? If so, go ahead. If not, think twice.

This article from 2012 lists “Press releases without news” as an old technique which should not be used.

Press Releases are one of the strategies to bring traffic on your website. It’s not the only way to boost your business. Of course, you can try this technique but you need to put in more efforts than just press releases. And yes, PR has to be written in a specific way to get approved by portals.

As far as other strategies concerned, you must mark your presence on social media portals too because they generate maximum leads on e-commerce websites. Be regular with your on-page content and blogs along with other off-page strategies. And don’t forget to make your online store compatible with mobiles and tabs because this is one of the primary reason that people do not visit many websites.

We’ve tried many free sites which accept press releases and they are garbage. Nobody reads the press releases they get flooded with. Get zero traffic from them.

If there are much higher quality press release sites or distribution services, then it may be worth trying. You could ask to see their results first if it’s paid service you are not sure about.

Out of interest, what are you selling, I’d be willing to look at some ideas for you

By considering SEO option, I suggest you should go for page ranking first. This will boost your traffic and will be beneficial for you in long run. Press Release is an option, but you have to think twice about press release and you product that whether it is worthy to use this option or not.
After press release you will get a huge increase in the traffic but you need to keep that traffic in long run and for that you have to go for page ranking.

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