Can I use WordPress instead of Drupal?

I’m thinking of creating another website with a similar look and feel… along with modules. I created this site with Drupal 7. However, I was thinking about using wordpress for my next site. I’ve never used WordPress, although I hear there are more extentions and everything is more up-to-date. Is that true?

Drupal is as up to date as Wordpress, both release updates+versions very regularly. Check their release logs to see how frequently it happens.

As for addons, it’s not a good idea to compare numbers, instead it’s much better to look at the quality and whether addons are available that help you achieve your goals.

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Drupal has themes and modules WordPress has themes and plugins.

In both cases there are well written modules/plugins that play nicely with other modules/plugins and some that don’t. I think both and have a ratings system for each plugin/module so you can check what people say about them and whether they are being actively maintained or not.

I think Wordpress is simpler than Drupal initially and theming WP different to theming Drupal so your Drupal experience may not help in WP - apart from anything you might have learnt that’s generic to CMS’s of course.

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If you’re building a blog use Wordpress. If you are doing anything else, use anything else. And I’m beginning to doubt Wordpress’ usefulness on blogs.

Here’s the thing with wordpress - it has been updated regularly, but so has Drupal. At the moment it does have a prettier and more useable interface than anything out there. But under the hood, there’s a lot of lipstick on that pig.

Wordpress violates pretty much every good practice coding theory that can be violated and it’s code is an untestable unreliable mess. It takes around 4 times as long to build a wordpress plug in as a Drupal 7 plugin, and that takes about twice as long as Drupal 8 even with D8 in beta because Drupal 8 finally brings us a CMS built on a sane OOP model and framework (Symfony 2)

I don’t know how much longer WP can keep refining their codebase without really refactoring it and applying some sanity to it. If they don’t eventually it’s going to stagnate and stop. As it is they’ve been focusing on the UIX side because that side of the code, especially in the admin area, is relatively new. The overall architecture of the program hasn’t changed since PHP 4. Think about that a moment. It’s little wonder wordpress is the most hackable PHP product out there (and PHP is hardly a sterling example of security).

Wordpress in a pile of trash when compared side by side with Drupal 8. There is absolutely nothing besides besides a “smaller” learning curve which is excels at. A learning curve that quickly becomes less and less important as one works and introduces clients to the way of doing things in Drupal. Which at the end of the day is 1000 times more flexible than Wordpress once you understand the system That goes for 7 but ten-fold for 8 which is in beta and soon to have a release candidate. Drupal 8 could probably be considered one of the most powerful CMS’s in existence when it comes to customization with and without code out of the box – views, fields, etc. Once you learn to use the system it is powerful and far beyond anything on the market of open source generic CMS’s. Not to mention a commerce package and panels for D8 is in active development.

As per my opinion WordPress is better than Joomla, All types of plugin you can find and make your site what’s you want . WP has best features, fast and secure platform. And about Joomla i face various issue while I customize on Joomla.

Better than Joomla is a ridiculously low bar. Drupal 7 not as much, but it has a better user interface on the admin side than drupal 7. Drupal 8 is more on par, but ridiculously more complex as befits the fact it is ridiculously more powerful.

From the outside looking in Wordpress isn’t that bad - it’s under the hood where its rotten to the core. But hey, if you like sluggish, slow, easy as Hell to hack, go Wordpress.

Comparing end-user features between Drupal 7 and 8 very little has changed. The major changes are responsive admin, new fields, and views in core. With those exceptions 7 and 8 are equally as powerfully. Not to mention commerce and panels is available for Drupal 7 and not Drupal 8 yet. The vast amount of changes are under the hood which doesn’t necessarily make 8 more powerful than 7 from an end-user or site builder perspective. When panels and commerce drop for 8 and when brought into core in a minor release for 8 Drupal will be hands down one of the most powerful, yet complex generic open source CMS available.

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