Can I save a png image file to the client with js

I am developing a web app which will add title and photographer info to jpeg image files. Hundreds of image files at a time.
I am at the stage where I can display the png version of the file in the browser and would prefer to save it to the desktop computer rather than the server.
Is that possible?

You can tell the browser that the user has requested a download and offer the file. The user has control over if it downloads, and to where.

Javascript cannot put files onto a remote user’s computer. Otherwise, here, visit my website that definitely does not download a virus into your desktop…

What is your idea behind this?

You cannot access the file system of the client directly. As hotly mentioned you can only ask the user to download the file and save it where he wants. In that case you are not able to load it from your app if you need it again (What I think is your request?)

Do you want to speed up loading and saving or reduce the server load? then the local storage of the browser might be an opportunity. But this is mostly limited so you might have not enough space for all of your images.

At the end, saving server side is the only perfect working solution at all.

Finally for editing images a web app ist not the best solution at all.

Thanks for replying.
I suspected that it was impossible, but wanted to be sure.

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