Can I remove the permalink from one button?

When clicked I want it to go no where. It’s in my main menu and has children, the top button of the drop down.

Thank you.

For the top button of your drop down menu you can just have your link reference a hashtag.

<a href="#">Your Menu Item Here</a>

Not sure I understand your question. You can replace the link with # <a href=“#”>menu</a>, when we click it will back to same page.

but, I am using wordpress, I just went in and typed the button name and created the button, wordpress did the rest. I’m not understanding. I try to go to edit the page and delete the permalink but it won’t delete it.

What theme are you using? Did wordpress (or whatever plugin) ask for a link to when you created the button?

I think what naynay99 is asking is how to remove the parent link from a drop down menu that has children. The button referred to is probably on of the main menu links.

If that’s the case, here’s a tutorial showing how to add a placeholder #. This is for themes using custom menus and wp_nav_menu.

I’m using a 2011 child theme. STICKS! THAT’s IT!!! :cool::cool::cool::cool: THANK YOU.

Your welcome. Thought that’s what you wanted