Can I post my old tweets on Facebook?

Hi There!
I recently connected my Facebook and Twitter account.
Before connecting my accounts, I did a little research on Google to learn how this concept of connecting the accounts works.
Well, I got almost all the basic information that I needed, except for one thing.
Please advise, if there is anyway to post my old tweets, prior to connecting my account.
Please tell me if this is possible and if it is, then please guide me on how to do it.

Awaiting your reply.

Why would you want to post old tweets to Facebook? Where’s the value in that.

Because before connecting my accounts, I had tweeted some interesting inspirational quotes, which now want to share with my friends on Facebook

Well go ahead and post them now. A little at at time, but don’t be surprised if they don’t generate any response for you. Most “inspirational” quotes have already been posted numerous times and in a multitude of modes on Facebook. You are much better off to find fresh, new content for your circle of friends. Learn to engage them rather than to talk at them.

No. But why you use old tweets on facebook? Use always fresh content say every search engine. So, you can share anything means not harmful but interested for public related. If you share every time fresh content than you can popular in search users

well said. You can post your old tweet because there is no boundation but you may get such response that you will expect.

Generally everyone always make a point of tweeting old posts.
whatever you post on Facebook automatically gets tweeted.

Tweeting what you post on Facebook automatically far from ideal. Not only do the mediums work very differently [length, tagging, hash tags, url shorterners, etc] but if your content is simply duplicated across channels you remove any reason for someone to follow you on more than one.

Social is not a broadcast medium. Don’t treat it as one.

[font=verdana]Seconded. I get really frustrated with some businesses that I follow on Twitter who have their Facebook page set up to auto-post to Twitter, meaning that for every non-trivial message you then have to click through to FB to read the post in full … when most of the time, a little bit of forethought could have seen the message condensed into 140 characters without any significant loss of impact.

(And on a similar note, why do most people insist on using their own preferred URL shortener? There’s no need to use or because Twitter will shorten it for you! All that happens is that you end up with a address going to a address going to a real website, which just adds potential for weak links in the chain. Interestingly, one of the businesses has been posting a load of Youtube links but has used the full URL, which has to be truncated, instead of Youtube’s own shortened URL, which would be displayed in full. Whatever they do, they find a way to do it badly!)[/font]

People use their own shortners for stats or because their posting client defaults to them.

Is your old tweet that necessary to re-post?

I agree with Ted and Stevie. I used to have my Facebook posts generated to other Social Media platforms and then I realized that I certainly didn’t like reading the same thing on every page I visited. Your posts should address the specific people you are trying to reach in the way they are most comfortable reading them. Tweets are, in my opinion, usually too short for the FB friend and FB posts too long for Twitter. The LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Stumble Upon crowd are all looking for different types of posts. If they were looking for Facebook posts, they’d be using Facebook.

How? I don’t see any option on my twitter profile that allows me to do that.
Do I need to install some kind of twitter app in order to be able to post my old tweets to Facebook?
if yes, then please share the link of the specific app that needs to be installed.

Awaiting your reply.

I’ve never seen an app that does this for you retroactively… it’s simply outside the scope of how people use social services together.