Can I make a border around a single cell in dreamweaver?

Can I make a border around a single cell in dreamweaver?? , I mean I want to make a border around one cell only and not the entire table.
Thanks for your help and God bless you

You can set a TD property say “border = 1”

This will solve ur problem

I actually don’t think you can apply borders to TDs?

Tables Yes - Cells No.

However, an easy way of achieving this is to use a simple bit of CSS. Here’s how you do it:

Put this between your <head> Tags:

<style type="text/css">
.cellborder {
	border: 1px solid #FF0000;

Then - go to your cell that you wish to apply a border to and add the following code:

<td class="cellborder">

Hey presto! that should do it! You can make the border thicker or thinner by changing it from 1px to whatever you like - and then the colour by changing the Hex code.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will try it and see what happens
God bless you

It messed up my code
It moved the cell to the right of the page and decreased its width?!!

That is the problem with tables. Play with the width:

.cellborder {
border: 1px solid #FF0000;
width: 20%;

ok I will try that, by the wya what do u think better designing with tables or what?? I find a lot of pain myself designing and adjusting tables

I don’t use tables much, but I would have to agree with you. It is a HUGE pain designing and adjusting tables. That is why I’m trying to hurry up and learn more CSS so I can create a “table-less layout”.

I agree that there is no property as a border for the TD i was wrong.

About usage of table, i will support this as that is the one of the way by which you can have ur page look good
another way is u can go for DIV or SPAN tags.

you can apply borders to table cells, not like border=“1” or anything, but through css you can apply a border to just about anything :slight_smile: except TR from my experience.

how can you apply border to table cells? I just tried the above css example and it messed up my code.

Hi Fido,

Would you be able to provide a link / post the code of your example, as I can’t understand how simply adding a border around a cell could throw out your code so badly. :frowning:

Maybe it’s something very simple that I’ve overlooked?