Can I convert pdf documents into word just using adobe?

I’m writting my paper and need to extract some paragraph out of pdf materials, but the pdf can not be copied, so I need to convert them to word so that I can edit the text. They said pdf can be saved as word document using adobe so I don’t have to use another tool, but I have no idea how to operate it, there seems no a button to click to change the format? Anyone have the experience? Thanks so much!!

Adobe Acrobat does have a “export as Word” (or as HTML, or XML, or RTF…) tool under the file menu yet if the PDF is protected against copy and not only edition, Adobe Acrobat will respect that. But other softwares will not. And I can’t remember the names of any on the top of my head, but if you google a bit there are quite a few softwares that can scan a document and convert it to text, it doesn’t matter if the pdf is protected or not.

I don’t have Acrobat but with Adobe Reader you can export the material to a text file and import that into Word.

[FONT=Verdana]To clarify:

If the PDF has copy protection set then – without non-Adobe software – you will not be able to copy it, export it or save it in another format by any method apart from a screen dump, printing and scanning, or just retyping it.

With Adobe Reader (free), you can copy unprotected documents and paste into Word, which will retain a limited amount of formatting, or save as plain text.

With Adobe Acrobat (not free), you can save unprotected documents into a variety of formats including .doc, although it tends to make a complete hash of the conversion process, so it is not suitable for wholescale document processing.[/FONT]

Hi Dear,
For you kind information there are lots of converter software available online.
Search on google with keyword pdf to word converter and you find lots of software for this.
This time I’m not able to send you link because of my limitation.
Foxit is the company which providing you pdf editor.
So enjoy dear.

There’s a easy and free way, just go to, click the upload button to upload your pdf file. Remember to check the option "Convert text from PDF or image files to Google Docs documents " before you click the “start upload” button. After the upload is done you can find the converted file on your Google Docs, now copy the texts to an empty word file, done! With this method you can also convert pdf to ppt if you copy the converted tsts to your empty ppt file.
Or you can simply use a PDF to word converter which will save you a lot of time and trouble. Oh and If you’re using mac there should be a different tool. To find out how to convert pdf to word for mac you can also go to adobe’s website to ask for help.


If you unable to convert pdf to word with adobe don’t worry there are other option for you.there are lots of converter software available online you can try any of them and Kernel for PDF to Word Converter Tool one of them. This tool converts PDFs into Word document files in no time. In fact, it is capable of transferring 50 files in one go.

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