Can I change password of Fan Page?

I am volunteering my time to create a Facebook Fan page for a non-profit organization. I am signing in with my own account/password. Is there a way I can change the password on this Facebook Fan page once I send it to the client and still keep my personal Facebook password?
Thank you.

I think you can’t. You can login only through the Facebook account associated with it.

I think you might be able to make the other account an admin then remove your account from a Facebook page.

Best way would be to give it a quick try with a dummy page. :wink:

No dear you can not change the password of face book fan page. But you can change the face book account which is associated with that fan page.

And how might I do that? Thanks.

You can change the admin of that account. I took over a facebook page, became the new admin and then I was able to delete the old admin.
good luck.

No, you cannot change the password for that particular page. Only thing that you can do is, change the password associated with that page.

At one point facebook had “master admins” which could not be deleted as they were the creator of a page. This has since been removed and now any admin of the page can remove another (keep this in mind when you decide who to give the keys to your page too).

To change admins simply go to the “Edit Page” –> “Admins” option on the brand page. If you are not an admin yourself you will need to be added as one first.

Facebook handles all logins via personal accounts which are linked to brand pages. There are no direct tools to login as a brand although many brands use ghost (empty / null) accounts to control access to their pages.