Can I change my domain name?

I purchased a domain on GoDaddy about 2 weeks ago, but lately I’ve been contemplating on continuing the original direction of my site, and completely changing the site’s name. Is there anyway I could still do this?

You would have to order a new domain, make the relevant DNS changes, make the necessary changes in your host’s control panel, and any appropriate changes on your website if you hard-coded your old domain anywhere (or if you’re using a CMS).


If you have created any backlinks to your website and you still want traffic from those links you will need to redirect them to the new domain. Best practice is a 301 permanent redirect.

Here is a good post on that,



To answer your question. Yes you can order a new domain. And yes godaddy will refund your old. You will not be able to register the old for one year. Yes I too suffer from buyers remorse.

In regards to your question, you can always buy a new name, but keep in mind their is no way to actually change the existing name that you purchased. In addition just to clarify, GoDaddy’s refund policy on new domains is only five days. If your domain name is past fives days they do not offer a refund. Although their refund policy on auto-renewed and manually renewed domain names is different and is 45 days, that refund policy would not apply in this situation.

I don’t think you will be able to get a refund on this domain .

Perhaps just create a site on this domain and work on it from time to time.

Try selling it through flippa or some other place after few months.

You might get some good money from the sale.

contact their support here

They usually refund your purchase within 5 days.


You can’t change the name of your existing domain name so i advise you to register a new domain name for your website.

You can’t change the domain name. You can maybe get your money back and forfeit the domain though. With that money you can go and register your new domain name of choice.

Register a new domain and 301 redirect the old domain to the new one. Best if you 301 individual pages to the new pages. Look for godaddy promo codes to get a discount.

no you can’t change domain name, you book a new domain, make changes in DNS record and in Control panel

You can register new domain name. DNS changes needs to be done in the old domain.