Can fake projects get me a mid-level web design job?


I heard that if you have full websites in your portfolio you might even get hired for more money than a junior developer.

It sounds logical but can those sites be fake websites? For example a bike shop. A website which displays bikes and where you can buy them. But it being all a fake product hosted at my own domain It does show employers that “this person is able to work on full projects” but they are fake.

What do you think

. I just check the links /bikeshop and here is what I got: “Something went wrong!
Page not found.”
Acctually, Of course, if you can list your projects you get done on Portfolio, you may get better opportunity for more money.


That was an example, I do not have a domain yet

Acctually, Of course, if you can list your projects you get done on Portfolio, you may get better opportunity for more money.

So even if those projects are fake?


^ that.

“may” get a better opportunity. So most likely a starter position is a guaranty?

If the website is clear that it is “fake,” and even has your contact info on the pages, then it should not be a problem. By all means make websites with pages to show off your skills. Ideally, you may want to make pages that reflect your personal interests.

I would be inclined to use the word “demonstration” rather than “fake”. The word “fake” tends to be associated with something underhand; perhaps passing something off as your work when it is not. A “demonstration” site is one you’ve created to showcase your skills. It may be a site for an imaginary business, but the work is genuine and demonstrates your talents.

A portfolio with a demonstration site can only stand you in good stead when you apply for a position. I don’t think anybody can say that it would or wouldn’t guarantee you a position at a particular level - especially as we haven’t seen the site to comment on it.


I included the position (I aimed high) mainly because I truly feel undeserving since I do not have any work experience, so I find it hard to believe that, depending on the level of my demonstrations, I could be a good enough candidate.

Are you looking for web design or development work?
Are you looking to be hired as an employee at a company or freelance?
What are your salary or hourly compensation expectations for the type of work which you are looking for?
Do you have any type of higher level education like BA? If so what major is it in?
Where do you live and are you willing to relocate? If you are willing to relocate how far country/state wide?

I’m looking for a web development job (not freelance). I am skilled at design (layout, typography, color theory), css, html, js. I am also good at node’s ecostystem: express and various non-esql DB. I have website demos to prove that

From everything I heard with my non-commercial experience I looking for something mid range but in all honesty at the moment I just want to know in theory, as in practice I’m good with as little as possible

This is my major problem. I have a 6 year old computer science degree. In the past 6 years I’ve been training to try and improve my disability hence haven’t had any work at all.

But my really question, out of interest, in theory. A guy with no work experience what so ever, finally managed to get his act together and taught himself all the above, and has example that are at least as good as the best junior devs, would they be able to get a job in web industry.

It can’t hurt to build a website with some fake work examples and float your resume out there. Anything is possible considering there is much work available in the web industry. Opening your search up nationally or globally will yield even more opportunities.

Yes you should be able to get a job with “fake” website, like someone said do not call it fake rather demonstrative projects, you can add these stuff to your portfolio to demonstrate your skills, oftentimes there are courses you undertake online that the final stage is geared towards building an application, as long as you are able to demonstrate or answer questions on such projects at your interview you should be fine.

If you’re good you can probably secure that mid-level role you’re interested in.

Do not let not haven’t had work deter you from progressing/applying, you have a valid reason, people take gaps for various reasons, health, family, life in general.

Join job websites and filter it with skills to create job alerts to your email, “Html + CSS +JS etc” not to apply but it’ll give you an understanding of what is required in your city.

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