Can anything be recovered after a reformat?

Once a pc is reformatted, can anything be recovered? My friend needed files from his hard-drive recovered but it was reformatted instead. To my mind, everything is lost, is that right, is there any way to salvage files?


How valuable is the data?



Once a system has reformatted, you can be everything recovered. You just recovered files from his hard-drive but it was reformatted as an alternative.

Not all the data can be recovered.
say for example you formatted the drive of 50 gb and if you copied some files in the part of 50 gb you cannot recover the data under the newly copied contents.
date can be recovered only if you not copied new data on the formatted drive.

For software, try OnTrack EasyRecovery. That’s just about the only thing that might be able to do anything after a reformat.

Other than that, you’d have to send it to a recovery center. $100 diagnostic (including the quote for recovery), which can be a ballpark figure between $500-$1500 for a recovery.

There are some tools that can get some of the files back. But there are no guarantees. Use your favorite search engine for “unerase files” or “undelete files” or something like that.

There are also companies that can recover all of the hard drives contents afaik, but that’s very expensive!