Can anyone recommend a good Internal knowledge base plugin?

I’d like to create an internal knowledge base for 3 people to use internally.

Can anyone recommend one that’s good and won’t interfere with my existing public facing theme?

A basic free one that works might be fine, but I don’t mind paying for one. I found this one, which looks quite nice. But if I get it, does that mean it will replace my public facing theme?

As it needs to be internal I want it password protected for the 3 sole users. What’s the best way of doing that?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Will there be any overlap of content between your main site and the internal knowledge base at all? If not, why not use a separate WordPress install (maybe using mulitsite) for the internal knowledge base and link to it from the main site. Then there will be no interference of themes.

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Nope, no overlap, purely for our reference to document all our company processes and help train up anyone new.

Yeah, I was thinking that might be an option.

For now I’m having a play with this one

Initially it was throwing me errors, so I gave up on it. But there was a fix in the support forum so giving it a go.

I just need to figure out how to password protect it and hide it away from being indexed.

I found this link in the comments section for a paid knowledgebase theme, so will see if this works.

What about using a wiki?You could you htaccess so that only internal IP addresses can access it

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I just run across the wp simple membership plugin, works fine. You could use it and put the internal knowledge pages/posts behind a password.

I decided to create a fresh WP install in a new directory under the domain and password protect the entire knowledgebase site, I felt that minimises the points of failure to secure it.

I tried to just protect the KB articles, but rand into errors where the KB shortcode wasn’t respecting the privacy permissions.

Used this plugin to secure the whole site

I may still switch to a wiki…I’d quite like something that highlights edits so that each of us can see easily what the other has edited, with some kind of update going out to the other users, although that might be overkill.

Restricting via IP address isn’t a bad idea, I may do that as well, but could be frustrating if I try to edit and add info while on the road. Oh, I suppose I could still access the server to access the whitelist, couldn’t I?

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