Can anyone name few good content sliders which can be used on wordpress?

hello guys!

I am thinking to use content slider on my webpage. I’ve tried using featured content gallery plugin, but i would really like to know if there are some better content sliders which offer better looks and are informative enough to keep the viewers glued.

Thanks in advance!


There are quit many content slider plugins available for wordpress. Here are a few that i know of:

  1. Front Slider WordPress Plugin
  2. vSlider – WordPress Image Slider Plugin
  3. SlideDeck WordPress Slideshow Plugin WP
  4. WP Slideshow Gallery
  5. SlideDeck
  6. Sugar Slider
  7. Slider Evolution
  8. Slider PRO
  9. Premium Featured Post Slider
    and many more.

Some of the plugins are free and some cost money. There are also some premium themes that come with content slider already built-in.

Hi to all,

I found this one very useful online slideshow/slider creator and it’s totally free: comSlider

It support great effects (e.g. kenburns, flipp, explode, …), says that it also has mobile support (swipe)

Easy to use and best of all when you are finished creating your slideshow, copy and paste the snippet code anywhere in your HTML.
Fully working with NO watermarks or branding.

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