Can anyone helpme turn a gibberish string into human language?

Hi everyon,
Here is my text file :
100055,䪰䬬񺐬054-4889012,򥮸 (south),并쬲8,78390,erans@hotmail,
102958,򮩬,񺙾󜀸-6418346,052-3964300,⡸ 񡲠(south),⪺-񠯬35/2,84812,amiliv@hotmail,
Here is my code:

    $myText = 'test_gibrish.txt';
    $myHandle = fopen($myText,'r');
    $myRead = fread($myHandle, filesize($myText));
    $enc = mb_detect_encoding($myRead, "UTF-8,ISO-8859-1");
    $textArr = explode(',',$myRead);
    $str = $textArr[15];
    echo $str."<br>";
    echo iconv($enc, "ISO-8859-1", $str)."<br />";
    echo iconv($enc, "utf-8", $str)."<br />";
    echo iconv($enc, "utf-8", $str)."<br />";
    echo iconv($enc, "ISO-8859-1//TRANSLIT", $str), PHP_EOL;
    echo iconv($enc, "ISO-8859-1//IGNORE", $str), PHP_EOL;
    echo iconv($enc, "ISO-8859-1", $str), PHP_EOL;
    echo $str.'<br>';

Here is my output

All i get when I run the code is gibrish or error messages.
Get I get an advise how to get rid of my text file’s gibrish?

You sure it was a text file to begin with?

It began as a SQLServer2005 db which I exported to a text file (which i’m sure of). Then I changed from a WIN XP platform to WIN 7 and some fields at that text file became Gibrish.

The square box denotes a non-displayable character, can you open it in something that will display the ascii code of those bits to determine what they are?

$myText = 'text_gibrish.txt';
$myHandle = fopen($myText, 'r');
$myRead = fread($myHandle, filesize($myText));
$textArr = explode(',', $myRead);
$str = $textArr[15];
echo ord($str);

and probably do a loop through that string because they won’t all necessarily be the same character even though they all display the square.

Do you know what should be, or was, in those data strings when they were in SQL Server?

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